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Marking diffs as reviewed on mozreview

Like other code review tools out there, MozReview now allows you to mark a single diff as reviewed. A new button has been added to the top-right corner of each diff. This button, initially grey and labelled ‘not reviewed’, will turn green when clicked and its label will switch to ‘reviewed’.

Here is an example of a diff not yet reviewed

and here is how it looks like when you click on the not reviewed button

The ability to mark diffs as reviewed opens new possibilities up:

  • display a counter of files yet to be review (bug 1233597)
  • add a ‘what’s next to review’ link that the user can click to go the the next yet to be reviewed diff (bug 1242457)
  • let the user opt-in to give a direct ship-it when all the diffs in a commit are reviewed and there are no open issues (bug 1237634)

If you think one of those features would really make you more productive please let us know on the mozreview irc channel or twitter so that we can prioritize it accordingly

Mozreview update - reviewer status

A number of people are confused by how we display the status of each review request in the commits table UI and how it relates to bugzilla flags. On the review request page the reviewer name is now surrounded with a green background if the reviewer has given a ship-it.

The background will still be green even if the reviewer gave a ship-it-then-fix-it (i.e. a ship-it with some open issues), in which case the overall commit status will be marked as yellow.

Blog updated

Today I updated this blog in an intent to write more about what I do. Hopefully it won’t be another 2 years until my next blog post.